Retrain your Brain to Celebrate Progress

angel Retrain your Brain to Celebrate ProgressIf your business has gotten OVERWHELMING and EXHAUSTING, and your TO-DO LIST goes on and on….something’s gotta give!


Any successful business takes a lot of work—and no magic wand can take that away. But what if you are making it harder than it has to be? Announcing…. a super-charged transformational challenge with plenty of support to make work FUN and inspiring! Ready to get this party started? Welcome to:

Motivation by Celebration—21 Days to Retrain Your Brain!

At last: Your very own ‘magic wand’ to get more done & have more fun in your business

Who’s in charge? Your inner critic, or worse yet, your inner slave driver? No matter what you get done, it’s not enough…or you focus on how much more there is to do. Maybe what you did get done isn’t good enough–and needs more improvement….Maybe you should go get more training? Oy! No wonder it’s hard to stay productive and motivated.

jumpforjoy Retrain your Brain to Celebrate ProgressImagine these two inner conversations–which gives you more energy: “I only got part of it done! So much more to do…why didn’t I get this done yesterday?”..or “Way to go! You rock!” (High five!)

With one simple habit change, work gets easier and a LOT more fun. By turning your self-talk of “NOT ENOUGH” and ‘NOT GOOD ENOUGH” into celebrating progress, you’ll accomplish more in less time, stop overworking, and stay energized and on track. Develop new neural pathways for self-talk that inspires you and makes you feel better about yourself.

Retraining your Brain to Celebrate Progress lets you decide who’s in charge. The bottom line: You feel HAPPIER, and your vibe of fun and positivity makes you more motivated, creative and magnetic to clients and money. Yahoo!

February is the month of love…Why not bring some self-love and joy to your business , while getting more done and attracting more positive energy, money and clients?


icon r4 c23 Retrain your Brain to Celebrate Progress21 day challenge program: 21 days of daily posting and celebrating your successes AND progress on a private FB group. (And lashes with my wet noodle if you miss a day!)

icon r4 c23 Retrain your Brain to Celebrate ProgressCoaching support and transformational tools a-plenty, including:

  • Three teaching/inspiration/transformation calls (1 per week -live & recorded). This includes one group Resonance Repatterning session to transform your limiting beliefs and get switched on for CELEBRATING PROGRESS, and EFT (tapping, or Emotional Freedom technique).
  • Three celebration/Q & A calls (1 per week -live & recorded)
  • Additional inspiration and easy to follow EFT (tapping) scripts.

Wow! How much? All this at your special February Self-Love special intro pricing at just $47! (This is truly a self-love deal–A group repatterning session alone is $47…plus you get a whole lot more ongoing support here and the support of the Facebook group)

Live Kick Off : Wednesday February 4 at 5:30 pm Mountain**:

Wednesday calls: Teaching & Transformation
2/4, 2/11, 2/18 (1 hour) 5:30 pm MT, 7:30 Eastern

Friday calls: Lunch time celebration, Sharing, Q&A 
2/6, 2/13, 2/20(1/2 hour), 11 am Mountain, 1pm Eastern

You did it! Victory Party & next steps (2/24) 5:30 pm MT,7:30 pm EDT


button r29 c26 Retrain your Brain to Celebrate Progress

**Registration will be extended so you can join even after we begin (until 2/11, noon Eastern). Sign up now and step immediately into the positive transformation and flowmentum! Seeing this after 2/4? Like my FB page & message me at Solopreneur Woman, text me at 973-655-1745 or e-mail and I’ll send you the recordings from 2/4 and 2/6.