9O Days to Get More Done & Have More Fun – Motivation by Celebration

Let the Good times Roll! & Let your work become play!  

Is this you?  You’re working really hard–yet the to-do list seems to keep growing.  It’s exhausting–like running on a hamster wheel.  It feels impossible–you’ll never get it all done.  If this is you, then this program is perfect for you!

Maybe your Inner Slavedriver has taken over–driving you to overwork.  You promise yourself  “I’ll take a break after I get everything done”…or “just a few more tweaks and I can finish”…Yet somehow you just don’t take that break or the time off you need to replenish.  Then this 90 day program is just right for you too. 
You may not realize that these habits are actually COSTING you time, money, energy and confidence.  How much more income could you create–and how much more stress could you avoid if work was a joyful productive flow?
Having a business takes work, no doubt about it. But could you be making it harder than it has to be?  
This program, called “Motivation by Celebration” for Women Entrepreneurs shows you how to get off that hamster wheel, drop the perfectionism, resistance and struggle.  Discover a whole new way of GETTING MORE DONE that actually GIVES  you energy instead of exhausting you.  Turn your STRESS into ADVENTURE, FUN, CREATIVITY and JOY.  Learn powerful secrets from positive psychology to stay MOTIVATED AND ON TRACK.   

REINFORCE YOUR NEW JOYFUL WORK HABITS with EFT tapping and transformational coaching from me, a 30 day challenge, and group support & encouragement to create permanent change.

These days there’s plenty of  buzz about productivity, procrastination and how to get more done.  Very few programs offer the variety of tools, emotional shifts and the in-depth support that you’ll find here.  I’ve been coaching and leading groups for over 15 years.  Clients always remark on the space of safety and encouragement they feel working with me.  In that safe accepting space, letting go of old limiting beliefs and creating new empowering beliefs, is easy and natural.  
This isn’t ‘head learning’ only –it’s hands-on and experiential.  It is NOT something else to gather dust on your hard drive.  
I promise to offer you my best tools and the benefits of my 15+ years of teaching and coaching.  If you do your part–if you engage with the training here–you really can shift patterns of a lifetime faster, and far more easily than you  could ever do on your own or with self-help books and recordings.  

Just 90 Days to change the course of your life?  Learn more in this interview with Ellen.

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Seriously–what would it be worth to you to transform your work life? How much more could you get done–with the results to show for it? How much healthier and more relaxed could you get by letting go of perfectionism, overworking and procrastination.  What about feeling more confident and optimistic through your new empowering positive self-talk?

Say bye-bye to exhausting days of checking items off your to-do list, and feeling overwhelmed and not good enough.  Say hello to new habits of success that will feed your spirit and your bottom line for years to come! 

Experience Ellen’s work and preview the program, for free:

First, sign up to receive recording of Ellen’s teleseminar: Productivity for Perfectionists (Turn your To-do into Ta-da!)

Then , join us for the Kick-off Bonus call  (free) May 19: Rewire your Inner Critic and Transform Stress into fuel 

Program Begins 5/26  (Early bird registration discount till midnight May 22nd) 

Imagine a completely fun, positive productive workday where you:

  • Start your day feeling energized and inspired instead of already feeling behind, or overwhelmed.

  • Stop procrastinating because you now see your CHALLENGES as ADVENTURES. Your self-talk helps you instead of making you draft your feet or put off your least favorite tasks.

  • Enjoy EACH STEP rather than mechanically ticking off items on your endless to-do list.

  • Run your business from your genius zone. That means booting your Inner Slavedriver and Inner Critic, and getting back to fun (I mean work)!

  • Partying daily! Celebrating and appreciating yourself when you DO accomplish baby steps, not just when you get to the end result.

  • Feel better about ALL your work, even the tasks you tend to avoid—and get more done, without all the ‘heavy lifting’ 

Read Testimonies from previous participants here:

From EJS, Vancouver:

“Great Call!!! Thank You Ellen for creating the space.. allowing the love to shine through and the vision to be manifested! Some powerful foundational shifts are happening.. I could hear it in everyone on the call tonight.

I’m taking baby steps today. I am feeling like ‘enough already.’ Just get this website out there. What’s the big deal??? I can just redo what is imperfect later!!!!”

Last night’s session must have been really effective…I woke up really energized, had some happy tea ..made some cake…and did some focusing… Here are a few pics of what I created!”

From TL, Austin:

“My goals were written on a post-it note in crayon. Then I joined Ellen’s Retrain Your Brain to Celebrate Progress group, pulled out a 25 cent spiral, wrote out some steps …. And began celebrating!

“I did another round of tapping–yay– just now. I’m letting the energy flow where it needs to! This morning I have been gently working .. one step at a time, and I don’t have that same feeling of it’s never going to get done. Or it needs to get done NOW and perfectly! Yesterday when I was tired, I stopped working.. even though it was still early-ish and watched a movie with my daughter. Progress.. !!

“What I’ve realized is that I push myself too hard. With small steps and daily celebrations, I see what I have done and can say was very good and just enough and then relax :-).  Like today: I had a stressful morning,  but rather than play out the stressful events in my mind, like I usually do–very spontaneously and for the first time in my life – I finished the necessary work, went on a walk, thought happy memories, ended my walk knowing I would be victorious, and I feel at peace!

Bye-bye to the perfectionist vow and welcome life of genius cause that’s how I roll now…”

What Results Can YOU Expect?

– For YOUR HEALTH and WELL-BEING: More confidence, feeling happier
with yourself.  Your emotional stress, anxiety and body tension go way down
or disappear.

-For your BUSINESS:  increased productivity, enthusiasm, energy, optimism
and motivation.  Your happy positive vibe touches everyone else and makes you a lot
more MAGNETIC and attractive to CLIENTS.  Step into a flow of RECEIVING MORE.

 Less stress, more income, AND more fun—who’s in?

Here’s What You Get: Inspiration and rapid transformation of self-talk and work habits through LIVE CALLS (also recorded). Includes coaching, teaching, mentoring & powerful processes that rewire your subconscious mind.

Bonus Kick Off Call May 19 6:30 pm Mountain, 8:30 pm Eastern (Open and free to all–sign up on this page to receive call-in information and recording)

Program starts May 26: Six live calls with me, including coaching and training.

PLUS Transformational  Repatterning and EFT (Meridian tapping) for creating  new neural pathways for easy habit change.  Calls also include sharing and
celebrations. All calls are recorded, and take place Tuesday evenings at 5:30
Mountain time, 7:30 pm Eastern time. (except the kick-off call starting at 6:30)

Group Sharing on the calls and in a private Facebook Group.


EFT Tapping Scripts , Inspirational Messages, Guided Visualizations


30 day Retrain Your Brain challenge to Celebrate Every Step and all the successes in your day.  Daily posting and celebrating your successes AND progress on a private FB group. (Bonus: Lashes with my wet noodle if you miss a day!)

Celebration Victory Party

Wow! How much for all this direct support plus proven processes to make these changes permanent? With group support, EFT Tapping Scripts, 30 Day Facebook Challenge with Like Minded People, Resonance Repatterning Session and Celebrations galore–Only $397 if You register by midnight May 22nd…. You must Register by May 22nd to receive the Savings $$$.  At Midnight May 22nd the price goes up to $447.

Live Kick Off : Tuesday May 19 at 6:30 pm MDT, 8:30 pm EDT**:

Program Calls are LIVE – Tuesdays: 5:30 pm MT, 7:30 pm EDT

Training, Transformation, Coaching and Celebration May 26, June 4, 11, 18, 25, July 9 (75-90 min)

You did it! Victory Party & next steps July 16 (30 minutes)

Have to miss a call? No worries–it’s all recorded for you.


**Registration will be extended so you can join even after the May 19th kickoff call, up until May 26th when the program officially begins.  Sign up now and step immediately into the positive transformation and flowmentum! Seeing this after May 19th? Like my FB page & message me at Solopreneur Woman, text me at 973-655-1745 or e-mail me at ProsperityCoachLN@gmail.com and I’ll send you the recordings of the May 12th teleseminar and the May 19th kickoff call. .