Retrain Your Brain

Having a business does take work, no doubt about it. But why make it any harder than it has to be? Imagine having more energy, motivation and confidence..letting go of stress and overwhelm you’re more productive, positive and also more magnetic to clients and income. The days fly happily by.

Discover the Power of Play, Joy and Celebration to help you Get More Done and Have More Fun. Let Motivation by Celebration be your magic wand.

Good news for you! If you feel overwhelmed because you never get anything done or just don’t do enough…If you tend to be a perfectionist and hard on yourself…If you feel your to-do list never gets done. If you believe you can only be successful by pushing and working long hours, you’re wrong! Positive psychology proves that the carrot instead of the stick– rewards and pleasure, positive reinforcement, are the key to being happier AND more productive. What a relief!

Would you be willing to take 30 days to turn your work into play and also be way more productive? This Retrain Your Brain 30 Day Challenge program will stretch you without overwhelming you, and offers the perfect amount of built in support. You get inspiration and coaching from me, easy brain retraining exercises to do on your own, and a fabulous supportive Facebook group. All of this means it’s much easier, faster and more fun to Retrain Your Brain for Success.

Picture how different life is during and after the Retrain Your Brain 30 day challenge…..

You’re having FUN throughout the day, even doing tasks you don’t love;
You’re CELEBRATING and “high-fiving”, finding things to appreciate, all day long;
You LOOK FORWARD to each work day and the miracles that are unfolding;
You are ENERGIZED by your work, rather than being exhausted by it;
You’re MORE PRODUCTIVE and in the flow.

Imagine the ripple effect into the rest of your life as this habit becomes permanent!

You are HAPPIER and Healthier because you aren’t holding all that stress and tension.
You might even LOSE WEIGHT  because stress is a major factor in weight gain.
Your RELATIONSHIPS GET BETTER because you are more fun and easier to be around.
Your happy vibe makes you MORE MAGNETIC to more clients, money and everything good

Talking about raising your vibration  and living in GRACE, FLOW and EASE.

Yay! I’m letting the energy flow where it needs to. This morning I have been gently working .. one step at a time, and I don’t have that same feeling of it’s never going to get done. Or that it needs to get done NOW and perfectly TL , Coach


Taste the power of this work–listen to an EFT Meridian tapping session for  Releasing Perfectionism.  I give instructions so you can tap along with me!   Listen here: 

Join us for the next Retrain Your Brain 30 Day Challenge which begins July 16th.

Sign up here and then tell yourself, Very Good Very Good Yay!! and give yourself 5 gold stars. Brain Retraining is already in progress.

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Here is the treasure trove of transformation you get in the 30 day challenge!

THREE 45 minute inspirational coaching and training teleclasses. Calls take place at 8:30 pm Eastern time and will be recorded. ($300 value). Dates: 7/16 , 7/30, 8/14

TWO brain retraining exercises per week via email, (priceless)

Ongoing sharing and accountability through a private FB group ($100 value)

Special savings on your next step – the 90 Days to Get More Done program. ($50 value)

Give your Inner Critic a summer vacation and give yourself the gift of happy productivity! Total value is $450 and at $97 it’s a no-brainer (forgive the pun!).

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Ellen Anne Shapiro