Income Set-point?


SELF EMPLOYED PEOPLE TEND TO HAVE AN INCOME SET POINT, earning about the same year to year. How much more could you create when you remove what keeps you at that set point?

LIVING MONTH TO MONTH IS STRESSFUL, and stops you from accumulating any kind of reserves or financial security. Long term, you reduce your future options and quality of life.

Maybe you’ve done business coaching or studied marketing–and you’ve gotten overwhelmed, or don’t apply what you know. Maybe you’ve done the affirmations, vision boards and used the Law of Attraction-and still, your income and finances aren’t where you want them to be.

Want to know the REAL REASON more money isn’t showing up in your life? TAPPING INTO WEALTH COACHING offers empowering keys to unlocking your earning and wealth potential.

First hint: It’s not what you think! It is NOT the economy, your education, your family background or even lacking a ‘prosperity mindset’. It’s probably not your lack of skill, talent or experience either.

What the heck IS it then? I’ll tell you more as you keep reading, but know that the TAPPING INTO WEALTH COACHING I offer, provides the key to unlocking these mysterious money blocks and opens up your earning and wealth potential. Learn more at my next telseseminar or contact me to set up a one-on-one no-fee discovery sesion. Click here for teleseminar dates. OR contact me at 973-655-1745 or HeartsAbode@gmail.ocom for a no-cost Discovery Session.

So back to the mysterious TRUE CAUSE of your money situation and income set point. It’s hidden deep in your subconscious mind–the part of you that was mostly programmed before the age of 7. This how money gets WIRED in your nervous system, so that each time you think about money,or growing your income, your debt, etc…you run the same “programs”on automatic–limiting beliefs, fears and scarcity thinking, past traumas around money and other losses. All of this create a fight-or-flight response in your body that you associate with money. No wonder money is scary, intimidating or makes us want to stick our heads in the sand and become money ostriches! Avoidance, denial, inaction, overwhelm are the results.

NOT the best place from which to make empowered and wise choices about money and your income!

Your subconscious programming comes not only from your own life, but from what your parents, family members, and even your ethnic group lived through. As we grew up, our young brains quietly soaked up experiences and the beliefs that resulted that weren’t even ours. We were ‘programmed’ with losses, traumas, betrayals, financial upheavals, poverty, persecution, and such things as the great Depression, and the devastation of war. You could have a boatload of family history running through your nervous system!

Would you leave important money and business decisions to an adult who is in fight-or-flight, or to a 6 year old? Many of us are doing EXACTLY THAT.

Anything that matches this subconscious programming feels true and real, even if it comes from way in the past. We live as if these perceptions and limiting beliefs are true–and we make them real. Common beliefs like “Money comes hard” “ It’s a dog eat dog world” “ Easy come, easy go” “People like us can’t have money” “ Life is a struggle” “Earning money takes lots of time and hard work” “I can’t earn money doing what I love and want to do”. These thoughts are so familiar that they become like background music in the store, we don’t hear or see them anymore. We don’t realize that these are just more programmed beliefs and emotions that can be changed.

All of those limiting beliefs and stuck emotions are like gunk that slows you down. Then growing your business or your nest egg feels like driving with the brakes on—it’s harder and slower than it has to be. Until you get the brakes off it won’t matter what you learn—those great business ideas, fabulous marketing strategies and investment advice—or how many vision boards you make, none of it is really going to pay off, or take off.

Till now, these hidden beliefs—the subconscious programming that drive 90% of our behavior—have been hard to find and to eliminate. But not anymore! Tapping into Wealth Coaching shines the light into these old dark corners of our subconscious with laser like precision and compassion–and then , using meridian tapping or EFT, we clear out the gunk.

Tapping into Wealth helps you to..
-Unlock your gifts, unleash your earning potential,
-Step into a stream of new possibilities and financial flow.
-Strengthen your inner financial wizard to become a better money manager.
-Set your creativity free so it can come up with fabulous new ideas.
-Naturally and easily, you’ll start to draw in people to support your dreams, fresh opportunities, unexpected resources and even miracles!

Go beyond what you know, and open to NEW, EXCITING, EXPANSIVE AND EMPOWERED levels of success and fulfillment. Tapping into Wealth is designed for you:

If you are a business owner whose income is stuck at a certain set point;
If you resist creating goals for your business, income or finances—or don’t act on them;
If you give up quickly, can’t make decisions or stay on track;
If you hang back and don’t put 100% of your energy into your goals;
If you feel stuck in the past and can’t forgive or let go of losses, betrayal or self-sabotage;
If your energy and money is tied up in a toxic family feud, divorce or inheritance battle;
If you feel buried in a soul-sucking job, feeling unhappy and underpaid;

Ready to break on through to the other side-to greater fulfillment, freedom and financial flow?
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“Before this work, I was so afraid to take any risks and step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t believe it was possible for me, so there was no way could I see how to move beyond my safe office job and mediocre income level and start doing my passion-work. The energy is really moving and things are opening up, after just a few sessions. Referrals, new opportunities and places to do my healing work and teach dance are flowing right in, along with unexpected support and help from my Dad. “ -MM, Reiki master and family services worker.