Success Mindset

Being a successful solopreneur will fast track your personal growth like almost nothing else!  This personal development crash course you’re in–having your own business– demands that you take risks, keeping growing  personally, learn new skills, and stretch yourself in ways that are hard  to imagine when you first start out.

It takes a LOT: confidence in yourself, trust in the Universe, stamina, perseverance and chutzpah (courage)!  It asks you to “up the ante” as to how much money, success, help from others, you will allow yourself to receive.

Maybe, like many coaches, healers and therapists, you’re an  ‘accidental entrepreneur”.  You “stumbled into” self-employment because you love what you do, not because you wanted  a business.  Even if you came to self employment from a corporate business career, running your own show is a whole new way to think about yourself, your time, money, your life and your business.

Whether you’re brand new at this, or you’ve been at it for some time, do you recognize any of these challenges…and would you like help with them?

1.  Self-doubt, second guessing yourself, lacking the confidence you need:

  • It’s hard to envision yourself successful, and earning good money.  You might even secretly fear becoming a bag lady or having to get a  J-O-B.
  • You’re afraid to charge what you feel you deserve, and you don’t really ‘get it’ that what you provide is valuable & changes lives.
  • You dread or hate having to promote yourself, and “toot your own horn”.  You’re SO not alone! Self promotion goes completely against the grain of how we as women have been brought up, which is to be modest and in the background…or at the very least not stand out!
  • You dislike the need for constant decision making.  Isn’t there anyone to run things by or tell you what to do for a change?
  • You’re burnt out on having to constantly take risks.  Each time you speak to someone about your work, each time you send out an email about a program you are offering, you are taking a risk and “putting yourself out there”.

2.  Discouraging and negative self talk that zaps your energy and makes you feel depleted and bad about yourself.  You don’t really know how to be a better coach, friend, and mentor to yourself.  You know you could get so much more done–and enjoy it more, with better self talk!

  • You struggle with perfectionism and having to “get it right”. Unlike school, where we were trained to “get the right answer” and to “get it right the first time”–in business that’s not always clear ahead of time. We need to be able to be okay with some learning by trial and error. It is said that Edison made over 1,000 attempts before he succeeded at designing a light bulb..but all we remember is the final and successful try!
  • You get stuck in procrastination and resistance.  You can either allow them to get in your way, or turn these obstacles into levers.
  • You react emotionally to the ups and downs and take it all very personally, blaming or doubting yourself if someone unsubscribes or there’s little or no response to your latest offering.  You are unable to shrug it off and get back to work.
  • You see setbacks and disappointments as failures rather than signs of what needs tweaking or improving in your marketing or the offer itself.
  • You get derailed by these apparent “failures” rather than welcoming the learning and moving on.

3. Lone-Ranger Syndrome–too much isolation, having to do it all yourself.   You don’t want to “bother” anyone with your needs, right?

  • You’re too isolated and don’t know how to stay connected to people when there’s no support staff around, no boss or team to keep you accountable, no water cooler to hang out at.  It’s even worse if you’re home alone or holed up with your computer somewhere!
  • You feel guilty and apologetic when you have to ask for help. It’s not okay to ask for help.  Even though you know that for others, it takes a village–to write a book, raise a child, or grow a successful business–YOU should be able to do (or feel you have to do it all) yourself.
  • You don’t know what help you need or how to get it.  What tribes, community, support groups, masterminds, coaching and mentoring would help you most? Every successful person says the same thing, “I could have never done it alone!”
  • You struggle to find your own internal sources of inspiration, spiritual support, confidence and self-mastery.  You don’t have tools to tap into your Feminine Wisdom, your body knowing and your own “Inner CEO” for guidance.

4. You lose momentum, or can’t stay on track, both day to day, and over time, as you move forward on goals:

  • You get frazzled and overwhelmed, and at some point it makes you want to give up or take a very LOOONG break.
  • You get easily distracted with all the emails, text messages, client details, and the multiple tasks needing your attention.
  • It’s tricky to manage your schedule, use time well, and stay productive when no one is telling you what to do.

5.  You have issues and blocks around earning and handling money, or about prosperity:

  • You aren’t familiar with, or need better tools to develop a positive mindset for manifesting and success.  You don’t yet know how to work with the Law of Attraction to energize your Manifesting Energy Field.
  • You wrestle with your mind and how to stay positive and  keep the faith when cash flow is erratic and unpredictable, or when you’re used to a steady paycheck.
  • You can’t see opportunities and gifts in the business and financial challenges, and lose sight of the bigger picture.
  • You need to boost Your Financial IQ and your ability to receive and handle more clients, money and recognition.
  • You know it’s time to stop limiting yourself and open to larger possibilties.

6.  You struggle with staying healthy and balanced, with having a life, while you grow your business.

  • You wonder how you can possibly get all of this done and keep your sanity and peace of mind.
  • You tend to overwork, keep going to the point of collapse or total exhaustion.  You don’t see how to stay healthy, keep your body in good shape and be happy and productive.
  • It’s a struggle to keep your energy buoyant and upbeat.
  • You worry about the health challenges of being too sedentary, using a computer too much, overworking and under-relaxing.

You are still with me, woman of courage?  Good!

You have indeed taken on a major growth opportunity.  But you must be game for it or you wouldn’t be here.  You are in the right place–help is here!  I offer one-on-one coaching packages and group programs to assist you on your path to greater success and personal fulfillment.

Please read more on the site, and make sure you sign up for my free report on “5 Keys to Unlock Your Prosperity Power”.

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Solopreneur Woman!


To your joyful and happy success,



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