How to Start a Healthy Meals Business


More and more of us want to eat healthier and get in better shape. The demand for health products has been huge for years and the trend continues to rise as more and more of us become more concerned about our weight and wellbeing.

How Do You Start a Healthy Meal Business?

It’s not all that difficult. The first thing to realize is that you’ll want to have knowledge of healthy eating and just what makes a healthy meal (and what doesn’t). You’ll also, of course, have great cooking skills and the ability to prepare tasty, fresh meals.

The way it tends to work is that customers will sign up for your healthy meals delivery service. They may sign up on a monthly basis or weekly basis. You may also have an option of daily delivery if you choose. The reason most companies tend to sign up customers on a monthly basis is because this sets a commitment and they know how much food they’ll need ahead of time, as well as running costs. How flexible you are in this area is entirely up to you.

Every day, you’ll deliver fresh, healthy meals to the customer’s home or place of work. You’ll also provide a menu each week for customers to choose their meal options for the following week.

Who Is This Business Right For?

This is a great business for someone who loves cooking and all things healthy. The more enthusiastic you are about spreading your company’s message and ethos about healthy eating and wellbeing, the better your success will be.

Of course, great cooking skills are essential, as is being highly organized and people-friendly. Organization will be crucial in your day-to-day management such as scheduling delivery times and routes, as well as organizing the cooking side of things.

Being confident and people-friendly will also help as this will help you gain new customers and keep old ones happy. If you’re doing the deliveries yourself, there may be a lot of interaction between you and your customers.

What about the Legalities?

Different areas will require different things, but you’ll want to check with your local county office to ensure you meet all their requirements. There will be special rules and regulations to do with food handling. These may vary depending on whether you start from your home kitchen or from a business premise.

If you love cooking and healthy eating, this may be the perfect business for you. With an upward trend in our drive to be thinner, healthier and happier – a healthy meals delivery service fits right in.

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  1. Arlyne Grate says:

    This is very good suggestion, many thanks for posting. Just suspecting if you provide any opinion on whether wheat-based diet should be avoided for reducing weight? From what I understand, it’s a good-for-you food and yet I have been getting contradicting sentiments on the idea. Absolutely be grateful for your suggestion or statement. Cheers.

    • Ellen Shapiro says:

      thanks for asking. Many peole have allergies or sensitvities to wheat and feel healthier as well as lose weight more easily when they go gluten free. I personally recommend the Fat Flush plan by Ann Louise Gittleman, based on detoxifying the body and no “whites”–white flour, sugar and dairy. There is a plethora of information out now about living gluten free. The simplest way to test is to eliminate it for a week and then the person can see how they feel.

  2. Many thanks for the informative article, I will promote this to my buddies. On a side note, I have a close neighbor that has been striving to gain weight but still would like to retain her healthful eating habits. Exactly what foods would you recommend?

    • Ellen Shapiro says:

      For most people the food that will add pounds on most quickly are carbohydrates…maybe adding some extra whole grains or complex carbs will help for her. She might also try adding some healthy but high fat snacks like nuts, cheese, guacamole or sliced avocados.

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