21 Day Prosperity Breakthrough

Ready to step into the flow of prosperity, to transform fear, lack and “not enough” into clarity and inspired action? Would you be up for a big shift in a short time, instead of dragging it out for years?

How soon are you willing to have things get better, easier and more fun?

Our money issues have deep roots, and it can take some time to clear the damaging messages stuck inside us. A concentrated focus can quickly create a new prosperity blueprint for you, one that feels easier and allows positive results sooner than many other methods.

When you bring together a clear intention, magnified by group energy, with proven transformational processes–WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE?

I’ve been leading groups for almost twenty years, teaching and empowering people around money issues. I’ve also been in the financial world for over 30 years so I’ve seen both the painful side of money AND the joy, freedom and possibilities that come from breaking free of your money blocks.

I’m so happy to bring you the best of my life changing money healing and prosperity tools, combined into one powerful program.

Welcome to your 21 Day Prosperity Breakthrough – Summer 2018!

Unlike many other programs – this isn’t just new beliefs and mindset work. You’ll get to APPLY your new mindset to things you can easily take action on NOW.

What’s the mindset work? It will include: clear limiting beliefs, replace negative programming from your pas. We’ll create positive money stories along with new neural pathways that support more prosperity and ease.

Guided by intuition and muscle checking, and from my toolkit developed over 25+ years of working with money issues, we’ll address your issues on many levels . You’ll receive: guided meditations, self-discovery exercises, plus transformational gifts from Resonance Repatterning(r), Soul Clearing and other processes.

My promise: What’s the practical take action part where we translate your mindset shift into results? In week one you will pick an intention and a project that you will be working with…and there will be some specific guidance and coaching to help you.

I promise–this won’t just be “mind food”—another prosperity and money program that gives you a mood boost but no real change. IF you engage with the program and do your part, you will experience deep soul level shifts that lead to lasting inner change and real life results.

Let’s make a real difference in your prosperity mindset AND your behavior around money.


We’ll transform many facets of your relationship to prosperity, money and success. Three key themes are:

  • Releasing anxiety & worry habits, clearing negative beliefs & unraveling old money stories
  • How to feel deserving, worthy and safe to earn, receive freely, and manage money
  • Allowing Ease and Flow

The sessions will be short and focused—30-45 minutes per day, 1 hour on Fridays, plus journaling and occasional easy positive actions. The main activity will be joining me for the sessions (or listening to the recording) and the journaling.


Facebook group (private)

Individual support (Q & A, coaching). Receive direct attention and also benefit from the work I do with others.

FUN FACTOR- Lighten up with the power of PLAY and PLEASURE. Telease shame and heaviness around money and deserving. Did you know that money likes movement, lightness and happy energy? We WILL laugh, play, and let go. I promise.

More details:

This program runs for 21 days–many believe 21 days is how long it takes to change & integrate new habits. We’ll actually meet together via Zoom conferencing 15 times over a three week period (Monday-Friday, weekends are your integration time) between July 23 to August 10th. All will be recorded so no worries there…but come to as many as you can, live! (via Zoom conferencing).

This rapid-shift intensive program is priced for value. Early birds get the break: $147 if you sign up by midnight July 14, after that it’s $227. Registration closes July 21st at midnight.

Click Here to Register Now! $227

Prosperity breakthrough, here we come! Looking very forward to our journey together.