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Hello, heart centered business owner! You are in the right place if..

It’s a struggle to grow your business–whether you’re new at this or been at it for a while;

You’re getting burned out, working too hard for not enough money;

You’re “doing everything right”–following “standard” advice but it’s not working;

You are wondering how to market & grow your business in a way that feels right to you.

Do you have a nagging feeling that it is meant to be easier and more fun?

I’m here to tell you that it can be: once you stop driving with the brakes on!  Driving with the brakes on is what happens when your conscious intentions (your goals for your business) and your subconscious mind (which is mostly concerned with keeping you safe) are working against each other.  You can waste years being stuck, or spend thousands on coaching that doesn’t help, unless you address this problem first.

As a transformational business & money coach, I guide you to clear your limiting beliefs and negative stories about money, success, business, successful people and being deserving. After you learn how to get out of your own way, we get you aligned: conscious beliefs and subconscious beliefs working together.

The feeling: More ease, fun, play, creativity and flow. Enthusiasm & motivation too.
The result: clarity, staying focused, taking consistent action over time, and making steady progress growing your business. Seeing new possibilities and drawing the resources you need. Feeling alive and on purpose.

From where you are now, it may be hard to even imagine the level of joyful prosperity that is possible for you. It is my great honor to hold that vision for you, and help you step into it and realize your true potential. I consider myself a dream doula–a coach who assist you in birthing your dreams.

What makes me different from many other coaches out there?

I bring you a lifetime of experience and training from my dual career tracks in finance and in transformational coaching. I work very intuitively and use a variety of effective but little known methods to tailor the work to YOU.  Those methods include: Resonance Repatterning, Tapping into Wealth Coaching (EFT), Soul Clearing, Women’s Empowerment work,  Ancestral Alchemy, and more.

I also bring you the practical and grounded business wisdom from my 15 years in the corporate world (MBA/CPA) and being a business owner for almost as long. I have also taught business, marketing and entrepreneurship at the college level.

Having a business does take work, no doubt about it. But why make it any harder than it has to be? Imagine having more energy, motivation and confidence..letting go of stress and overwhelm  so that you’re more productive, positive and also more magnetic to clients and income. The days fly happily by. It IS possible!

Get unstuck, get clear, and shorten your learning curve. Contact me for a no-pressure discovery session to explore how I can help you, or point you to the resources you most need right now.

I’d love to be your Dream Doula and Prosperity Coach and help you move forward with ease, grace and joy.

Talking about raising your vibration  and living in GRACE, FLOW and EASE.

Yay! I’m letting the energy flow where it needs to. This morning I have been gently working .. one step at a time, and I don’t have that same feeling of it’s never going to get done. Or that it needs to get done NOW and perfectly TL , Coach

Taste the power of this work–listen to an EFT Meridian tapping session for  Releasing Perfectionism.  I give instructions so you can tap along with me!   Listen here: 


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