About Ellen

Ellen Anne Shapiro is a Prosperity Catalyst–she’s on a mission to help talented women who are working way too hard for not enough money to take their business to the next level. She’s so done with watching how women undermine and undervalue themselves, or hesitate to charge what their work is really worth.

Ellen is an MBA/CPA and multi-certified energy healer, Confidence and Empowerment Coach, Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach, and teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence. She encourages women to stretch beyond their limits, and open the door to income and fulfillment far beyond what they can currently imagine. She lovingly guides her clients in clearing memories, habitual patterns of though and behavior, so they can move into inspired action and a creative flow state.

For her business building clients, Ellen offers a highly individualized process, since their business is so closely interwoven with who they are and their desired lifestyle. She encourages clients to listen to themselves and their inner knowing, not allowing expert advice to override their instincts. Along the way she teaches them to believe in themselves more, to develop the confidence, focus and decisiveness they need to succeed. She understands the challenges of self-employment and coaches clients on how to stay motivated over time, while also enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life.

As a Prosperity Coach, Ellen helps clients improve their relationship to money and take charge of their finances. Using Tapping into Wealth coaching processes and other methods that she has used for over 20 years, she assists women–and men too-on how they handle money, stay on top of their bills, saving and retirement, inheritances, managing debt, etc.

Her coaching is both practical and filled with psychological insight. She addresses the mind-body-money connection, offers individualized success strategies and practical guidance  on finances, marketing and productivity.

Ellen brings a richness of skills and experience from the two careers that she has woven into her working life–business and counseling/healing. On the business side: she is an experienced solopreneur, retired tax accountant, IAIA faculty member in their business and entrepreneurship program. She is ALSO a master energy healer, counselor, bodyworker and instructor of dance and qigong. She has over 20 years experience, with multiple certifications including Resonance Repatterning, Tapping into Wealth Coaching, Polarity therapy, Gestalt therapy, and more. She is a certified Morning Medical Qigong instructor, a teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence and also uses Sedona method and EFT in her work.

A lifelong learner, Ellen draws on her diverse background including mainstream business understanding, accounting, taxation and financial management, positive psychology and neuroscience, Daoism and Chinese 5 elements, yogas/chakras and the Hindu/Ayurvedic tradition, the psychology of women, meditation, co-creating with nature, energy healing, the use of flower essences and essential oils, sound healing and more.

Ellen is known for compassion, deep listening, non-dogmatic spirituality, warmth, humor and acceptance. She has many year of spiritual practice and several life reinventions under her belt, and it ain’t over yet! She loves growing into her path as a Charismatic Leader and 5/2 Manifesting generator. She enjoys the wide horizons, open skies and mystical landscape of New Mexico, calling Santa Fe her home since 2008.

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