A business without a clear niche is a hobby!

Does anyone know who said that? I’d love to give him or her credit for this brilliance.
Why is a niche so important, why all the fuss?   In a solo business especially, your niche essentially defines your business, because a niche will answer the core questions we must define in order to have a business: what is my unique offering (what am I selling), and who is my target audience (who am I wanting to sell to?).     It’s what Mark Silver calls your who-who-what.  
Yet, according to a recent survey-over 47% of small business owners don’t have a clear niche.   And it’s a source of confusion and struggle for many of us, especially for coaches and energy workers, because there are so many people we can—and usually would like to—help.
If you are a creative, right brain type, you may really dislike or dread this niche concept because it seems to be a narrowing or cutting off process—and we don’t like to cut off any options!
On the other hand, how much more effective could you be, how many more people could you serve—how much easier could marketing AND making more money be–if you knew who your customers were, how to find them and talking to them, develop offerings that provide what they need–what they will be happy to say yes to!  
I highly recommend Cindy Schulson’s work on Attracting Your Niche, and she has a free teleclass on May 25th at 8pm Eastern where you can learn more about new ways to approach marketing and your niche.   So, if you don’t feel crystal clear on your niche yet,  join Cindy’s teleclass.  Here’s the link to register for the teleclass:   (yes, this is an affiliate link, and I can highly recommend Cindy’s work from personal experience).


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