Confessions of a Slow Adapter


I’ve been sharing with you how our survival programming causes us to resist change.   Down to our very cells, we are oriented to keeping things the same.    This has worked very well to keep humans alive and to continue the species.

But today’s conditions are radically different than what our bodies were designed for.   In business, those who refuse to grow and adapt to new technologies and to the fast pace of change get left behind. A good friend of mine, a successful veterinarian who has done business online since the early days of the internet, told me he’d ignored social media for about two years.   Traffic to his site started slowing down until he realized what was happening.

I confess I’ve resisted social media and adapting new technologies. I didn’t get what the ‘big deal’ was about social media and haven’t wanted to have to change what I’m doing with technology and marketing.   My passion is serving my clients, empowering and inspiring them, and providing great learning programs.   The joy is in that, not in marketing or in mastering new technology!   Like most solopreneurs, I wasn’t looking for a business, I was looking for a way to bring my work into the world, which asks me to set up and run my practice as a business.   I call it the accidental entrepreneur syndrome.

I have a colleague in Santa Fe, prosperity coach Joan Sotkin, who has been an early adapter of social media.   Her enthusiasm has inspired me, especially her statement that “Social media has opened the whole world to me”.  So, slowly, reluctantly, I’m getting with ‘the program.   And trusting that there is a place in the world for turtles like me, or why would there be any of us? Are you a turtle too? f you are a slow adapter, know that you are not alone.    We can support each other and ourselves in moving forward at the pace that feels natural to us.

Meantime, my attitude is changing.   I am seeing the amazing connections and opportunities this new world opens up, in terms of meeting interesting people, creating joint ventures, expanding my world, and reaching more people.     I commit to finding what works for me, and doing it strategically and consistently.    There, I’ve gone public!

What about you, what new adaptation are you willing to commit to?As I go deeper into blogging and learn more about social media, my attitude is changing.   I don’t necessarily want to spend as much time on the computer as I am, but I see now the amazing connections and opportunities that this new world opens up, in terms of meeting interesting people,   creating joint ventures, and reaching the world.   It’s actually getting to be (dare I say) fun !


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  1. Sarah says:

    I am the turtle and I dive undercover everytime I hear about a new product. I wish I had a Gen Y mentality and embraced change. I am not even on Google Plus yet because it seems overwhelming plus I am not convinced about ROI. The time involved takes me away from my business and I become overwhelmed and when I take tutorials, I still do not understand. I feel hopeless with all of the changes. I had a social media manager but it got too expensive. And there was no ROI. So I am a dubious turtle. Thanks for your posting. Good to know that i amm not alone.
    Sarah recently posted..Business lessons I learned from canoe tripsMy Profile

    • Ellen Shapiro says:

      Sarah: glad to meet a fellow turtle. We get there eventually! I agree that social media, like any tool, needs to be used strategically, otherwise it just eats time and money.

  2. Mary says:

    I know how you two feel. I resisted Facebook for a long time. Just getting my business page up. Glad I am not alone.
    Mary recently posted..Is It Time To Retire?My Profile

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