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I am immersed in a live learning environment, the Online Revenue Workshop   led by Jeannette Cates and Connie Ragen Green, two very experienced teachers who are   fantastic instructors.     We are  knee deep in keyword searching, article publishing, membership sites, and the many things one needs to know to create and succeed online.   I recommend them highly and any experienced of a  hands-on learning environment, learning and applying technology immediately.   It’s giving me a  sense of empowerment and being able to move forward that is making me even more excited about the  possibilities of growing my business and helping you grow yours!  

The theme that ties it all together, is FOCUS.     The more focused you are on who you are reaching, what problems you help them with and what you are offering—the easier it is to build a site and a business that will succeed.     The very specific keywords you use should be related to what you are wanting to market.  

It is so easy to run after the tools—“I need to get video on my site!”,   “I need to start using Twitter and Facebook”, “I need a membership site!” and sign up for more courses and info products.   It’s so easy to lose sight of your priorities, and your overall direction in this world of bright shiny objects.       What are you trying to make happen in your business this month, and in the next three months, the next year?   Are you focused more on list building or trying to get a few more clients this month?  

Okay, now what was I doing before this blog post called out “Write me!”?   Focus, girl, focus!

And you, what do you need to get back to now, what are you focusing on today?

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