Just say No! To interruptions


LEven if they’re self-induced!   ESPECIALLY those!

I was just minding my own business online when an interesting email from a friend about solar flares and how they are affecting us caught my attention.   Since I’m on a mad blogging spree, I thought well, “I’d like to blog that! People need to know what is going on”   (and it helped me immensely as I’ve been feeling most strange lately, like a flu with no real flu symptoms).

Before I knew it I had logged into my other gmail account I don’t check that often (in order to get into my blog).   But I didn’t go to the blog, my other blog called http://heartsabode.blogspot.com, I started answering emails in that gmail account.   I completely lost track of what I was there for.   Meantime, I’ve got offers to finalize and things to get out to my webmaster….Whew!

In the healing arts and in counseling there is so much training and conversation about boundaries. Most of that focus was on relationships with other people.   But what about our relationship to information, especially online.   I would like to discover some good strategies for dealing with this so I don’t hijack my own time or allow non priorities to do so.

One of my coaches says she does not answer emails until her low energy time at 3pm, since other people’s emails are their agenda for her.   Of course she does have office assistants!   Still, answeirng emails at set times of day sounds like a plan.

Meantime, I will apply one of my own most useful questions here: What am I avoiding that needs to be get done here, by being on this onine distraction jag?

Okay, got it….on to taking that action.   I feel more focused and better already!

PS One of my upcoming offerings is called Joyful Manifesting, powerful energy work to clear out what stops you from having what you want.   PLUS a bonus new program free called  Manifesting Prosperity and Peace of Mind.   It’s not up on this site yet but you can check it out Joyfull Manifesting at www.joyful.manifesting.com.

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