For more Prosperity Power, try humility!


Humility—Could It be a Key to Your Prosperity?

The dominant model of success—which is fortunately beginning to shift in the age of the conscious entrepreneur – is about getting attention, standing out, and dominating in the marketplace.     It says we will succeed only by tooting our own horn and the louder the better!     What could be less humble than that?

On the other hand, the root of the word  humility is  â€humble.”   In its traditional meaning, which we associate with Christianity and other religious teachings, being humble implies modesty and being unassuming, or even the  kind of self-debasement where we make ourselves less than others.   How on earth could a quality like that be part of creating abundance and prosperity for yourself?

I propose a fresh look at humility to see how this quality actually supports our prosperity and well being, from the perspective of yoga teachings and the Sufi tradition.

On the yoga path, a key teaching is “You are not the doer”.   That means that while you may act and serve in various ways, you are a conduit through which Source energy is flowing and expressing itself.   You are not the ultimate cause of what happens, yet you are also responsible for your part in things.   Your  results come from a blend of self effort and grace.

With humility we can   take credit for our achievements and our failures too, while staying   aware that we are also actors on the cosmic stage of life, playing a part in larger trends and   in our individual and collective destinies.   So we can relax and surrender to the fact that  we aren’t completely in charge.   From there we can see that everything is  part of an interconnected web that takes into account  the greatest good for all souls–not just our personal needs and desires.

In the Sufi way, humility is actually a quality of the Divine, and it has to do with accepting a larger, unknowable destiny or grand scheme of life.   When someone has a great shift after you work with them, you may stand in awe and amazement, you may even feel humbled by the wisdom and resilience within the client, or by the power of the work itself—but you don’t take all the credit.   In the same way if you say something to a client that you realize later wasn’t so skillful, or that you haven’t been doing well with your marketing, that this is part of our journey and our learning, these seeming failures or disappointments, and we can correct our course at any time.

As a business owner, humility might mean looking closely at what is and isn’t working, and perhaps acknowledging where there are knowledge gaps about marketing or accounting, or even in your skills a as a practitioner.   Humility helps us see when it’s time to get help from a mentor, coach, friend or healer, learning program or an office assistant. It helps us to be compassionate when things take longer than we expect them to, and to accept that we are imperfect and don’t always know what to do.   We can step back from time to time and ask “is it time to change course here, or what else is needed.

In terms of money and prosperity, humility can help us to be at peace with what is.   We learn to accept what our current situation is and flow with it, even though we may prefer and work towards more prosperity.   Humility here helps us to acknowledge when there appears to be a defeat or setback, that there is a bigger picture, even if we can’t see what it is in the moment, and also to ask for help to change what we can change, and accept and live with what can’t be changed—the serenity prayer.

So for your peace of mind AND prosperity, try a little dose of humility.   You might be surprised!

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  1. Marge Piatak says:

    Hi Ellen – Well – here’s a great reason to go off my diet for my business’ sake. I think that making sure I eat a healthy serving of “humble pie” on a regular basis will help keep me on track and focused on what is important. Thanks for the wise words.. Marge

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