REWIRED FOR CONFIDENCE – A transformational program for women

Having more confidence—what difference would that make in your life—and how you feel every day?

How about… accomplishing more with less stress…feeling more at ease in your relationships…being more magnetic and attractive to easily draw what you want in life? Would you be up for earning more money, having more opportunities and enjoying life more?

Almost every woman I speak with, would say YES!

As women, we KNOW that lack of confidence is holding us back in our careers, in leadership, even in our personal relationships and family life. At all levels of education and professional career, we underestimate and undervalue ourselves. We struggle to get it right and be perfect. We overprepare, just to feel barely competent. It’s sad–despite all our progress, women STILL lag way behind men in confidence.

But the good news is.. confidence CAN be grown. While some people seem to be more naturally confident, research shows that at least half of our confidence is learned, not genetic.

Why is confidence so important? Turns out that confidence—far more than talent, skill, or education—is the biggest predictor of success in life. Confidence is a magnet, drawing people’s attention and trust. Also, more confidence leads to more risk taking and more action—which yields results, growth and building even more confidence.

It’s time to bridge that confidence gap!

A new program, but based on years of working with confidence issues as well as leading edge research–is my answer to this problem.

In this two-month program you will discover, practice and embody the 5 keys to confidence. Through experiential exercises and energy work you will create new pathways in your nervous system – confidence from the inside out—and learn new habits of posture, movement, and speaking—confidence from the outside in. This is experiential work that will lead to inner and outer change—not just information to store away on your hard drive.

REWIRED FOR CONFIDENCE is a transformational group program for growing and reinforcing your confidence. The program brings together research findings from the Confidence Code with my life’s work helping women believe in themselves and reclaim their natural feminine power. You will discover, practice and embody the 5 keys to confidence.

How can you tell if this program is right for you? If you know lack of confidence is holding you back, or if you:

  • Hold back your ideas, or hesitate to speak up in conversations, groups and meetings;
  • Work hard, stay quiet and in the background and wait to be noticed;
  • Stay in your comfort zone because you can’t tolerate the risk of failure;
  • Avoid asking for what you want or deserve,
  • Feel insecure and not good enough–no matter how accomplished or expert you are?
  • Hide your light, shrink back rather than stand out, or avoid promoting yourself?

If so, then this program is a gift you need to give yourself, and an investment in your career, business and life satisfaction.


We’ll meet weekly via Zoom conferencing, and each class will run 75-90 minutes. It will include teaching, discussion, Q & A, energy work and/or coaching for 1-2 individuals. We will close with a meditation/visualization/exercise. Please plan to attend live as much as possible. And yes, everything will be recorded!

Your homework: There will be journal questions and one action step—something to practice each week.


  • March 12: Week 1: Understanding Confidence – What it is, what it isn’t…How to Build it/ How it can change your life / Strengthening Positive Beliefs & Clearing Negative Beliefs about Confidence
  • March 19 Week 2: Confidence Key#1: Empowering Self Talk & Reframing
  • March 26th: Week 3: Confidence Key#2: Embodying Confidence & Powerful Presence – Voice, Posture, Movement
  • Two-week break
  • April 16: Confidence Key 3: Risk, Act, Reward
  • April 23: Confidence Key 4: Self Compassion and Standing Up to Your Inner Critic
  • April 30: Confidence Key 5: Retrain Your Brain to Celebrate Progress
  • May 7: BONUS session: How to keep growing your confidence

COURSE FEE will be $497 next time around…but for the maiden voyage of this course, it will be just $397. EARLY BIRD registration fee (if you sign up by midnight 3/1) is just $297. (Bonus: your fee includes one private session (full value $150).

Click Here to Register Now! Early Bird $297

Additional individual support options:

  • One individual session is included in the course fee (value $150). You may also purchase a special discounted 3 session package at any time up to the last day of class (5/7) for $375 and all sessions must be taken by the end of June.
  • An accountability partner from the class may be arranged and this is highly recommended.
  • Class size is limited to 12 so please sign up early and take advantage of the discount!

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