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Why Does Work Have to Be So Hard? Part 2

In part 1 of this series we looked at why these beliefs seem to be absolutely true and real, beliefs like: You have to work hard to get ahead, Life is a struggle and It don’t come easy. The struggle and hard work programming run deep and they’ve been part of our culture for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. These beliefs are hard to even see as a program because in some ways they motivate us to work harder and thus feel better or more virtuous about ourselves at least short term.

These beliefs can keep us stuck in a slave mentality even when we are working for ourselves. They keep us unhappy and overworking, or running on the hamster wheel, trying to prove to someone that we are good and worthwhile because we work so hard. Long term we pay a huge price in our health and relationships by overworking and not giving ourselves nurturing and time off. It can also fuel our Inner Critic and Inner Slavedriver.

Why are these beliefs so pervasive, even when we can see that not everyone’s lives are equally difficult? We can see that some people manifest more easily than others. Why cling to a belief we KNOW isn’t true? Why cling to the need for struggle?

There are a number of reasons for this. Still, one major reason for this has been proved over and over by brain science is that our subconscious programming directs our behavior to a shockingly large degree. Research shows now that as much as 98% percent of our behavior is driven by our subconscious programming. Like a computer program, these beliefs, habits of thinking and feeling, run in our nervous system, on auto-pilot. That means that willpower or conscious choice contributes only 2% to your results. The subconscious mind is the key to making lasting change.

Until recently, only hypnosis offered a way to do that. In the last 20 years, there’s been an explosion of new tools and techniques and new understanding of the brain. I specialize in several of these new methods, including Resonance Repatterning and EFT–and this is what you can experience working privately with me, or through my group programs.

We’ll be clearing these struggle programs in the upcoming 30 Days to Retrain Your Brain Challenge. Then we’ll go even deeper in the 90 Days to Get More Done and have more Fun program. Your work life, your level of peace, satisfaction AND productivity, even your self-confidence will never be the same.

Tired of working so hard, for not such great results? Tired of your Inner Critic and Inner Slavedriver running the show? Would it be okay if life (and work) got easier?

Join me for the 30 Day Challenge and 90 Days to Get More Done and Have More Fun group programs, or private coaching packages and programs. Not sure what you need? Sign up for your 1 hour custom, complimentary Clarity Strategy Action session and gain crystal clarity on where you want to be and the next steps for getting you there.

Keep the gift of excellence going and feeling lighter…

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See You On The Other Side!

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