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Want to know the REAL REASON money’s not showing up in your life?

Why are your finances in the shape they’re in? TAPPING INTO WEALTH COACHING holds the key to unlocking your earning and wealth potential and helping you feel empowered and in charge of your money. Surprise: It’s not what you think! It is NOT the economy, your education, your family background or even lacking a ‘prosperity mindset’. It’s probably not your lack of skill, talent or experience either.

What the heck IS behind these money issues, then?

The hidden TRUE CAUSE of your money situation and income set point lies in how your nervous system has been programmed around money.  This is your subconscious mind–the part of you that was mostly programmed before the age of 7.  This is what Margaret Lynch, creator of Tapping into Wealth, calls the mind-body-money connection.   Since 90% or more of our behavior is drive by the subconscious mind, it’s the most powerful source for creating effective lasting change in our money.

What is this subconscious programming? It’s how money gets WIRED in your nervous system, so that each time you think about money,or growing your income, your debt, etc…you run the same “programs”on automatic–limiting beliefs, fears and scarcity thinking, past traumas around money and other losses.

Anything that matches this subconscious programming feels true and real, even if it comes from way in the past. We live as if these perceptions and limiting beliefs are true–and we make them real. Common beliefs like “It doesn’t come easy” “Easy come easy go” “It’s a dog eat dog world”  “People like us can’t have money” “Life is a struggle” “Earning money takes lots of time and hard work” “I can’t earn money doing what I love and want to do”.

These thoughts are so familiar that they become like background music in the store, we don’t hear or see them anymore. We don’t realize that these are just more programmed beliefs and emotions that can be changed.As a result you develop an automatic stress response around money–a fight-flight-or freeze pattern in your body that you associate with money. No wonder money can feel scary and intimidating.  No wonder we want to stick our heads in the sand and become money ostriches! Avoidance, denial, inaction, overwhelm are all signs of this.

All of those limiting beliefs and stuck emotions are like gunk that slows you down. Then growing your business or your nest egg feels like driving with the brakes on. Everything is much harder and slower than it has to be. Whatever actions you’re taking–whether you are doing a training, receiving coaching, hiring a consultant, your brilliant business ideas, great marketing strategies, excellent investment advice–none of it is really going to pay off, or take off, until the subconscious programs working against you, are replaced with positive empowering beliefs and emotions.

Tapping into Wealth Coaching offers very specific customized processes to help you transform and rewire your money. Together we’ll shine the light into these old dark corners of our subconscious with compassion and laser like precision. Then we clear out the gunk, using meridian tapping or EFT.

Our goal: to create a calm nervous system, the ability to see things more objectively, and to be open to all kinds of guidance. A much more empowered place to be, than operating out of fears, old history and limiting beliefs, don’t ya think? So we begin to release stress, address tension and an overactive nervous system, so you can begin to feel more peaceful, and access your knowledge, intelligence and other resources. Then I will guide you into taking action to create (or shore up) your financial reserves and security.

The next level is going beyond survival and peace of mind–to earning a bigger income, doing what you love, making a bigger impact in the world, while also having a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. This means opening up to expansive possibilities, to success beyond what you’v been settling for, or felt you had to accept. How would you like to shift from living month to month to creating wealth?

“Before this work, I was so afraid to take any risks and step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t believe it was possible for me. So there was no way could I see how to move beyond my safe office job and mediocre income level and start doing my passion-work. The energy is really moving and things are opening up, after just a few sessions. Referrals, new opportunities and places to do my healing work and teach dance are flowing in, along with unexpected support and help from family. MM, Reiki master, family services worker.

TRANSFORM how money is wired into your nervous system. Learn to unlock these hidden money blocks and open yourself up to way more. And get free of the anxiety and stress, into positive action!

To explore this work, contact me to set up a complimentary Clarity Strategy Action session.   You will come away from the session with laser-like clarity about what is holding you back and some great options for changing your money situation.  Use the contact form on this site and we can get started.


You can be working really hard but if your programming is in the way, REWIRING YOURSELF FOR MONEY AND SUCCESS is critical. Since 90% or more of our behavior is driven by the subconscious, and YOU are your BUSINESS….let’s get rid of the old programming and give you a re-set for success, joy and ease.

The biggest potential problem for the business owner is their INCOME SET POINT, and they may also have GOAL RESISTANCE, VOWS OF INVISIBILITY,  or a number of other possible business blockers. Read more here about this work that is specifically geared to you, the solopreneur, self-employed person, and small business owner.



-Unlock your gifts, unleash your earning potential,
-Step into a stream of new possibilities and financial flow.
-Strengthen your inner financial wizard to become a better money manager.
-Set your creativity free so it can come up with fabulous new ideas.
-Naturally and easily, you’ll start to draw in people to support your dreams, fresh opportunities, unexpected resources and even miracles!

Go beyond what you know, and open to NEW, EXCITING, EXPANSIVE AND EMPOWERED levels of success and fulfillment. Tapping into Wealth is designed for you:

If you are a business owner whose income is stuck at a certain set point;
If you resist creating goals for your business, income or finances—or don’t act on them;
If you give up quickly, can’t make decisions or stay on track;
If you hang back and don’t put 100% of your energy into your goals;
If you feel stuck in the past and can’t forgive or let go of losses, betrayal or self-sabotage;
If your energy and money is tied up in a toxic family feud, divorce or inheritance battle;
If you feel buried in a soul-sucking job, feeling unhappy and underpaid;

Ready to break on through to the other side?
Are you willing to give yourself the gift of greater fulfillment, freedom and financial flow?
If this is feeling right already, contact me through the website for Clarity Strategy Action

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