Attention: Business Owners & Self employed people

Where are you in your business?  Are you satisfied with your income and the amount of work you have to do to generate it?

If you’re just starting out, or about to start a business, you’ll want to start generating income as soon as possible, and building a client base. NOW is the perfect time to shift your negative programming about what you deserve and what you are open to receive. Save yourself time–possibly years–and grow your bunes faster, save money and unneccessary struggle.

Already in business for yourself? Then you can clearly see that you are generating your income.  That means that your negative money programming is going to show up right away–you are not “shielded” by having a guaranteed salary from an employer nor any of the financial insulation from a steady paycheck.

You may be working too hard for the income you receive, or feeling limited by trading your time for dollars.  You are looking for leverage–to use your time better, to delegate where you can.  Your income tends to stay at a certain level from year to year–a sign of having an income set point.

The set point is both what you earn and the hours you work for those earnings. It’s called a set point because you will make close to the same amount next year and the year after–unless  YOU MAKE SOME CHANGES TO YOUR PROGRAMMING TO SHIFT THAT SET POINT.  

IMAGINE the boost in earning power–and what you could create–by removing that set point!

GOAL setting is another area we work on in Tapping into Wealth.  Many business people do NOT set goals, even though every book on success and every coach will tell you how important they are to your long term success.  The power of a goal is that it sets things in motion that otherwise won’t happen.

Guess what happens when you don’t set a goal? Your “default” becomes “Keep it the same”.  (Income set point, anyone?).

Why don’t we set goals if they are so important?  Because setting a goal kicks up goal trauma and our inner critic.  When we set a goal, memories of past disappointment, failure, even betrayal can get activated. If we have perfectionist tendencies, our inner critic goes to town!  It’s uncomfortable to set a goal and not reach it–or to stir up past memories. We don’t want to feel our self-doubt and get wailed on by our Inner Critic.

The part of us that wants to stay in our comfort zone solves the problem by avoiding setting goals or keeping them very low. Then we can’t fail, or be disappointed, right? What a way to live.

In Tapping into Wealth we address goal trauma, and open you up to much greater possibilities with the Outrageous Goals process.   If you have ever tried to achieve something, and it didn’t work out, it’s likely that you have some goal trauma.  Almost everyone does. Until now we didn’t have the tools to help–but now we do!

Tapping Into Wealth is perfect for you, if :

You’ve already been coached or studied marketing but not applying what you know.

You’re overwhelmed–so many decisions, choices, actions.  How to know what’s right?

You are taking action but it’s inconsistent or scattered.  Or you keep changing course mid-stream.

You’ve done plenty of Law of Attraction work, affirmations, vision boards, etc but not seeing the results you want.

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