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Break Free of your Money Set Point – Income Growth VIP DAY

Are you stuck growing your income—or keeping it consistent at a higher level?
Chances are you have just banged up against your income “set point”. Your set point is an invisible ceiling on your income that won’t let you get past a certain level. Almost everyone has one. Where does it come from? What can you do about it?


Your income set point comes from an unconscious decision about how much money you deserve or are capable of earning. You decided—possibly as far back as your childhood—that earning more than $X (your set point) was not safe, not okay or simply not possible for you. Then you tucked it into a dusty corner of your subconscious mind, and forgot all about it.
Your set point stays there, limiting you and keeping you in that familiar comfort zone for many years. You won’t really discover it’s there until you challenge yourself and try to grow beyond it.
That challenge often comes when you start your own business. In your own business, the pay isn’t pre-determined; there’s no standard salary range. That means that your money mindset and how much you unconsciously feel your deserve has a much bigger impact for business owners than salary earners.


How can you find YOUR set point and change it?
Your set point may be hidden but it does leave tracks. If you’ve recently moved from a salaried position to self-employment, it’s common to find that your set point is your highest, or most recent salary.

Your set point might seem strange but it makes sense to your subconscious mind. For example, a mentor of mine shared that she’d decided, when she first started working, that her hourly rate could never be higher than her Dad’s highest wage. It was only when she was growing her business and set goals for a much higher income, that she became aware of this old set point, and could then take action to break free from this limiting hourly wage.

That’s why it’s so important to discover what your set point is—we can’t change something if we don’t know it’s there.

A set point may have several underlying causes. One is a loyalty vow—like my mentor’s ‘promise’ to herself to never earn more than her Dad. A loyalty vow is an unconscious agreement to never do better than a parent or than your family in general. Loyalty vows, and other things that keep you stuck at your set point, should be cleared as soon as possible.


Whether your income set point is stuck at barely surviving, or “Doing okay but nothing extra”, or “I’m okay but I just know I’m capable of more”, your key is getting free of the stuff that keeps you at that set point and resetting the set point to what you actually want.

It takes some good detective skills. It’s hard to see our own stuff, and with the right help you can find and clear these blocks so much faster. It could take months or years to do on your own, but with this VIP day you can leapfrog past the struggle, get to your goals faster and have a much easier and more enjoyable journey.

I’m highly trained and experienced in identifying these hidden blocks. I’ve been working with “money stuff” since the 1980’s – first as an accountant, later as a healer, coach and counselor and mentor to business owners. With laser insight plus compassion, safety and support, I look forward to helping you uncover and move through these blocks.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients to break free of limiting patterns, for more than 25 years, and have multiple healing/coaching certifications including Tapping Into Wealth Coaching. I’ve been turning around my own money challenges over the last 5 years and am happy to help you turn yours around.

Wherever your income set point is set, this Income Growth VIP Day is tailor made to help you break free!


Your VIP DAY is a 4 hour intensive breakthrough day, via Zoom (video or by phone). I’ll take you through a 5 step process, described below. We will:

1. Do some detective work to uncover the blocks keeping the set point in place (the loyalty vow is one example, but there are many other possibilities also). If you have any conflicting beliefs or desires, if you are “driving with the brakes on”, we’ll take care of that too.

2. Clear the subconscious blocks using special exercises and transformational processes.

3. Finish by aligning your conscious and unconscious mind to work togeteher, and energize you for manifesting your new exciting goals. Then, with my help, you’ll create a special “Strategic Attraction Plan” for magnetically attracting what you want and need. We’ll also help you create your “next steps” plan for moving forward now that you’ve broken free of your income set point.

4. The package also includes two twenty minute check-ins, follow up support calls after the VIP Day.
You’ll have options for short term and longer term support from me going forward, as well.

This Income Growth Day is a special opportunity to unravel the mystery behind your current set point, reset you for more prosperity, and get your blocks out of the way. You’ll end the day feeling more aligned, motivated and energized to manifest your income goal—and to take the actions that will get you there.

Are you ready to let go of the struggle, and break free now? If not now, when?
Please contact me at 973-655-1745 or via email at

We can set you up with a free 30 minute discovery session OR go ahead and set up your VIP day. And…if you are not quite ready but want to stay in touch:

Sign up at my website and/or join my

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How much for this super-packed VIP Income Growth Day?
It’s priced at $597. It’s real value is priceless–how much more can you generate when you get past your income set point and break through to a new level? Hard to say, but definitely more than $597.

It’s a LOT of shift and clarity in a short time, designed to move you forward. It’s a custom combination of my most powerful tools and an in-depth focus to help you get seriously unstuck.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING for early action takers: have a special offer for anyone who is truly motivated to break through the income set point…if you act soon, you can do the VIP day for just $297–50% off. I may extend this through the end of the year but reserve the right to take the offer down at any time.

There is no hidden ‘catch’ to this very special offer, only that I request three things:
your full participation, feedback on the experience, and any testimonials you are willing to share.

INTERESTED? Please contact me at 973-655-1745 or via email at for a free 30 minute discovery session. Connect personally, get to know me a bit better, and we will explore whether this–or something else I offer–is a good fit. If not, I will make other suggestions for you.

Looking forward to speaking with you and helping you break through to a whole new level.

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