“Waste” time and build your business!


When you work for yourself, there is always so much pressure to be productive, to turn your minutes and hours into dollars and results.    In each moment, there are choices to be made about what to do, what to focus on.   It’s easy to get in a downward spiral with continually doubting and questioning yourself and your choices, or driving yourself to work harder, to override your natural rhythms.

Have you noticed that sometimes your best ideas come when you are in the shower, walking the dog, talking to a client, NOT when you are sitting and staring at a screen or a blank notepad. Movement actually makes the brain work better, and studies of sedentary folks in nursing homes–and sedentary folks everywhere–think better when they move more.

I believe it’s also because taking a break from being in our analytical left brain opens us to creativity and intuition–the right brain. Often when we let ourselves “take a break” from work, we also take a break from pushing ourselves or criticizing ourselves for not doing enough, not getting it right.

I once got an assignment from a coach to do nothing–NOTHING–five minutes a day. Not meditate, not journal, just BE. For 6 months, 5 minutes a day. I could do that easily now, more used to the slower pace of New Mexico, but back then, wired into the go-go-go of my life in NYC, it was unthinkable. Could YOU do it?

Daydreaming, go out to see the sky, lingering in bed with a good book for a few more minutes..why would we even see this as “wasting time?”. If you treat yourself like a productivity machine, then you would not allow downtime, but how sustainable is that?

If you need further permission, I’ll remind you that fun and pleasure create endorphins, our bodies own ‘feel-good’ chemicals, and endorphins help reduce pain and see challenges as adventures and opportunities for growth. So it will make you feel better and handle any stress better.

Go ahead, waste some time, I dare you!

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