“Ellen’s work is powerful and has helped me come up with creative new strategies after my business had been impacted by the economy. Old patterns and negative thoughts were creeping in, but our work together has helped me focus, tap into my goals and have a clearer understanding of the part I play in my own destiny. ” -RL, Lavery Design Associates, NY

“This work has been powerful yet subtle as I shed lots of entrenched hangups and move forward. The overall “lightness” of spirit I FEEL is real, as the film of density inside me is being neutralized or released.   The process is definitely helping me feel more confident and peaceful.   I`ve also gotten more business leads for presentations that have seemed to come “out of the blue”.   I am full of gratitude for these awesome gifts of Spirit and recognize them as the result of these clearings.   Ellen, you are #1 on the list!” – Terry Gilligan, RN, Fresh Start Enterprises, NJ

“Our work–right before a trade show, which I usually don’t look forward to–was perfect timing.   I enjoyed this trade show   more than any others.   I was  more present for family and business than I ever have been. The calm that has come to my thoughts and being from our work is something I have dreamed of for years.   Thank you for your amazing work and for being so aware.” S.G, owners of DogLeggs, VA

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