You Deserve More

Could you be “Settling for less?”

Probably, yes IF your earnings, career or business aren’t where you want them to be despite hard work and “paying your dues”.

Under-earning, under-receiving is a problem, especially for women. We are trained NOT to ask for more. It might not even occur to us to ask for more.

We get less money for the work we do, undercharge in our business, and accept less in our relationships too. We just accept what’s given. Not asking, or knowing what we are entitled to, is a key reason women earn less than men for the same work. (We’re “up” to 82 cents on the dollar a man earns but we still have a way to go).

Why don’t we ask? Girls and women are rewarded for being ‘nice’ – not making waves. We’re trained to ‘go along and get along’ and not challenge the status quo.

Another reason is because we don’t feel good enough. We keep thinking we must ‘get it right’ and be perfect. We focus on our flaws and imperfections–instead of fully valuing our accomplishments.

Notice what happens when someone gives you a compliment or appreciates you. Do you shrug it off, or deflect the credit onto someone else? I’ve noticed how women rarely take credit for things we’ve done. We are taught to be modest, to work hard, and to stay behind the scenes.

Oh, and it’s not been cool for women to “toot their own horn.”

These negative programs and beliefs go directly AGAINST our ability to be successful—whether we are promoting our business or advancing within a company.

It is high time we changed that for ourselves—and as we do, we lift the women around us, too.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re afraid to ask for what you’re worth and hesitate to raise your prices.
  • You doubt yourself & your value–“Is what I do really worth this much?”
  • You’re stuck in the low-confidence loop: you’re afraid to go for it, so you play it safe and avoid taking risks. Yet, research shows we build confidence by taking risks, by trying, failing, and improving.
  • You can’t get clear or feel afraid to declare what you really want and set bigger goals.
  • Even if you dare to ask for more, you wonder if you really deserve it and if it’s safe to receive.


It’s time to access our courage and our worthiness. This is our time, the time of the rising Feminine. It’s time to drop the fear, guilt, shame and unworthiness. It’s our time to stop playing small and end the apologizing for who we are. It’s time for us to let our brilliance and radiance light up the world. It’s time to declare what we truly want and open ourselves up to receive. It’s time to expand our sense of what is possible and go for it—for the income, recognition, opportunity, creative self-expression, making a bigger difference, the fulfillment we are longing for.

If you’re tired of being under-compensated and settling, and you are SO ready to receive more with ease and grace, then come join this special group.

What you get:

Live teaching from me to help you claim what you’re truly worth, transformational energy work using Ancestral Alchemy & Resonance Repatterning, and embodiment work—plus physical practices (from Qigong and the Art of Feminine Presence) to get the shifts into your CELLS.

There will be positive actions and go-deeper assignments from each class (formerly called homework) to help you get the most from this program.

This is not just mental learning, or a mass of info to clutter up your hard drive. This group is DESIGNED to create real change in your inner world…leading to change in your life. We’ll work at many levels simultaneously: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual AND energetic. The result? Better integrated, longer lasting and profound shifts.

The details:

5 classes—live via video conference, including teaching, and, powerful energy-healing work. Calls will be one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long.

BONUS: Two open-ended coaching/transformational calls, Q & A and energy work in response to your individual questions and request. (Submit a question ahead of time if you can‘t be on the calls.)

Classes & bonus coaching calls are recorded. Classes are in the evening, bonus calls at lunch hour times. For anything you can’t attend live, you will participate by listening to the exclusive recordings.

Not a techie? No worries mate, all you need is a computer with a webcam…or just a phone to call in on.

How much will this cost?

The potential for higher income AND fulfillment– hard to even put a dollar amount on that. How much would it be worth to you to stop settling for less and receive what you truly desire and deserve?

It could easily be priced at $997 or more – and this program will cost more in the future. But as a pilot program with many powerful elements that have only been available to my private clients,
it will be just $297 this time (payment plan available).

Register by 9/17 midnight (one week before we begin) for the Early Bird discount ($75 off the full price = $222). If you refer a friend and they register, ask me about your referral discount (and thank you!).

Registration closes 9/23, midnight. Program begins 9/24 7:30 pm Eastern.

Click Here to Register Now! $297

SUPERCHARGE YOUR RESULTS WITH A PRIVATE SESSION special package offer—group PLUS private session is just $397 (paid at time of class registration).

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Dates: 5 live classes (by videoconference or phone) on Monday evenings 7:30 pm Eastern time, beginning 9/24. Dates are: 9/24, 10/3*, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22. (*Note 10/3 is a Wednesday night).

Bonus coaching calls: Wednesday 10/10 and 10/24 at 1pm Eastern time. (Dates may change based on the needs of the group).